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With the arrival of the new year, perhaps you have proposed redecorating some part of the house? That no longer identifies with us because, like the year, we have changed and now, that January has passed, it is time for change. Are you one of those who need to change and do not know where to start?
Numerous studies confirm that there has been a change in the way of bathroom decorating. The bathroom has evolved from a room dedicated to hygiene in the past, to a space where we can relax and to forget all of life’s stresses and worries. Bathrooms have now become one of the most important rooms in the house, it is now a more private space to relax and forget all of life’s troubles
How does this relate to 2018 you may ask? we shall explain this with images so that you can feel and be inspired.

Wood as a featured material.

Origin - Wood as a bath trend in 20018

The Origin collection of Inbani fits perfectly in this trend wherewood is the predominant material as the counterpoint to design.

This raw material has been a revolution in many of our bathroom proposals and designs for this year and is just the beginning. From sinks, furniture, floors and walls it gives it that little bit of contrast in our normal bathroom environment. And if you are not convinced by it, you can always choose alternative materials that replicate its effect, such as stoneware or tiles.
The effect is supposed to provide and maintain an atmosphere of relaxation that we have mentioned before, these natural ways will be a key trend for 2018. In addition, this type of composition seamlessly combines with more modern materials such as Ceramilux® and more classic materials such as ceramics and textiles.

Modern bath accessories- Inbani

Los Strato in a wood finish together with Corian® tops are the perfect combination for any space. And with the addition of some of our marble and ceramic accessories, your bathroom will become your favourite place to become too.

Contrast and Functionality.

As we have already stated previously, how we design a bathroom is minimalist or industrial in style. Why? In order to achieve that state of relaxation when entering a room, what we aim for is a room with a functional purpose, with clean and orderly spaces in sight. How can we achieve this? We do this by getting rid of excess accessories so that our mind relaxes when entering a room and having enough storage, so as to not have or leave anything in sight that appears to be disorganised, dysfunctional, untidy…. That sense of a “clean vision” and promoting the contrasts between materials that we have mentioned in the previous section to soften these styles.

Strato-Organized bathrooms

The furniture we make at Inbani is designed to cover the entire need for storage and order that as we believe is required in a bathroom setting when looking for a minimalist style.

And in this style do we only see black and white?

Nothing is far from reality, the best colour for a bathroom is the one you feel at most harmony with because 2018 it is about enjoying your bath and the bathtub experience, in order to relax in it, and forget the stress of the day.
But if you still want those things that are in trend this year, we suggest calm light and soft colours that you can easily combine with white, all of which are set to be the shining stars of 2018. For example, emerald green or lighter shading saturated with a blue colour will make your bathroom look modern and current.

Labo - Color Trends for bathroom 20018

Labo is one of our collections with which we have had the most fun with in terms of colour, obtaining interesting results like this one.

If, on the other hand, you do not want a colour because you feel it may date quicker. We advise you to choose a neutral colour such as white to brighten the room and combine it with dark floors or darker walls. Imagine colouring a wall grey, with a dark floor combined with a wood effect, a sink in white and for greater luminosity, LEDS placed in the mirrors. Would you have something like that, would you really and truly like it?

Labo_minimalism - Bath Trends 2018

Labo is so versatile that we can combine it with other finishes to your own taste so your bathroom is completely to your liking.

In short, the minimalist environments are designed, even to the industrial style where the functionality of the furniture that you incorporate in white or with little saturated colours prevails. It is also important that take into account the contrast between materials such as wood, Solidsurface or metal tapsand other furniture elements as seen in theBowl collection.
If you follow these tips we assure you that you will have a personalized and clean space where you will feel at peace to be able to disconnect from the outside world.

Do you need inspiration? Visit our projects section and you will be able get ideas of the ones you like the most.

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