HP Doornebal share with us what means Inbani for him


With much intention and subtlety, HP Doornebal has redesigned this fantastic house which has been designed by architect, Jan Rietveld, son of the famous designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld, who maintains the original spirit of the “De Stijl” movement, with geometric and elemental shapes, creating open and functional spaces.

The new design contrasts with the original house in terms of materials but also presents similarities in its shape with brick walls and large window openings. The house has returned to show its original colors of its design returning to the typical black and white architecture “De Stijl”.




The KA Collection is being presented in the extension of a villa in Holland, designed by Rietveld. This collection is perfectly adapted to the large open spaces and offers the right balance in terms of volume and distribution. This balance has been achieved thanks to the selection of three floor standing modules of one drawer. Additionally a module has been placed beneath with a drawer which has metal handles in chrome and overall there are two KA sinks integrated in Solidsurface. Suspended double-sided mirrors uphold the versatility of an open space for the enjoyment of this fantastic villa.



_Inbani: Hello HP, Tell us about your studio. Could you inform us about the type of projects you mainly do?

HP: Hello, after working 10 years for an interior design office, where we also designed a complete furniture line, I started my own studio and I started to design bathrooms for Waterproof Bathrooms.
Most of my projects are residential; I love to rebuild, extend and reshape spaces.

_ Inbani: How do you work? What is your methodology for a new project?

HP: In all my projects the given space and surrounding tells me what I can and cannot do. Besides a great interest in art, design, fashion and of course architecture, I also travel a lot, to get inspired.
But my best inspiration and motivation is my client: to work together with them and the combination of our ideas, makes me almost reinvent myself with every new project



_ Inbani: Please tell us one colour, one material and why?

HP: It is always the combination of colors and materials. In general I do prefer natural colors and materials:
Warm earthy colors and natural wood and stone as a basis. More expressive and vivid colors I prefer to see in art and accessories.

_ Inbani: What was the biggest issue you had on this project? (Villa in Bergen)

HP: The biggest challenge for this extension, was to fit in all elements my client desired: bedroom, bathroom, sauna, dressing area, a work area and lots of cupboard space.
Because of all the windows and the square space, I created one big element with storage space in the centre, which separates all the other areas.



_ Inbani: What is your favourite space in the villa and why?

HP: What I like best here, is that you can walk around from one space into the other: the openness and most likely, the nice views everywhere.

_ Inbani: What does Inbani’s product transmit to you?

HP: The diversity and many options in the collections of Inbani, like the squareness of the Strato series and the softness of the Origin series, gives me all the possibilities to help me create a nice design and reshape spaces.

_ Inbani: Thank you HP, it is a pleasure for us have the opportunity to share your experience with our readers.

HP: You are welcome!



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