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In a space at home that is gaining a special prominence, as it is the bathroom, providing a touch of style and design to the accessories assures a perfect global result. For that reason, in Inbani we have enlarged our complements range to make our collections better. Among them are the mirrors, such a necessary item to complete the bathroom and besides it shows an extra design.

Kaschkasch Mirror

With a powerful graphical expression and lots of functional details, the Kaschkasch mirror to the ground is an intelligent solution for those bathrooms with a limited space.

Created with a simple aluminum structure and capable to bend itself in a right angle it fits therefore in every corner, and allows you to take advantage of all the spaces.
It also stands out because of its precise lines and geometric shape.

Gridy Me Mirror

It combines two different materials, wood and glass, and it is possible to place it in a vertical or horizontal position due to its wooden base.
It is also perfect as a magnifying mirror and as a design object in bathrooms or even other rooms of the house.

New Norm Bath

A mirror designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and KasperRønn, whose main concern is to create products that satisfy the real life needs, being aesthetically appealing.
In this way, their complement line for the bathroom shows minimalism and functionality to this space, just like their mirror to the floor: a smart design made up by simple lines that allows all the necessary effectiveness.

Colecciones Bowl y Fluent

It could not be otherwise, in our last collections Bowl and Fluent we pay special attention to all kind of bathroom complements and, mostly, to the mirrors.
Regarding mirrors, its delicate shapes together with its size variety offer a great functionality.

Two of those mirrors from our Bowl collection are shown below. In particular, the one that is to the ground and the suspended one.

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