Take a bath is a compilation book which is dedicated exclusively to bathroom spaces, which shows the most innovative designs and spaces that inspire this sector. In this book you can also find new materials, textures, combinations and reflections of some of the best designers in this sector.



Between its pages we can find inspiration and become great in all aspects of interior design for bathrooms, along with different styles and trends of the best bathroom firms.



With soft and poetic forms, the Prime Collection, designed by Norm Architects, is presented and inspired by traditional metal bathtubs and basins with shaped edges, offering a smooth and refined finish. There is space for a free-standing Prime bath and a circular top basin for the countertop, with a combination of individually suspended modules from the Strato collection in matt lacquer Magma 248M. Tray accessories complete this warm and nostalgic space.



In the following pages there is also the Bowl collection designed by Arik Levy, which shows different spaces and compositions of this collection. On the one hand we have a space composed of a free-standing sink, vertical furniture units to the floor with shelves and metal rods in copper, with a wall mirror encased in a tubular metal frame also in copper, as seen with the free-standing mirror with towel rail and shelf .



On the other hand we have an individual module suspended with a matt glass top and finishes in Rose 204M, which is accompanied by a circular mirror with 200M White Aluminum frame and a free-standing towel rail in Rose 204M.



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