A new award for Bowl makes 2015 a great year.

Bowl has once again received recognition for its innovative design from the Iconic Awards. Some of the awards are held in high esteem by architects and designers all over the world due to the fact that it is the first contest to unite the disciplines of these professionals in order to encourage the development of both fields. In the words of the German Design Council´s executive director, “This award seeks to recognize architects and designers whose work creates a more beautiful world for us and helps to improve people´s quality of life.”

The “Iconic Awards 2015 – Best of the Best” award in the Sanitation category is for our Bowl collection designed by Arik Levy. A very special collection, designed almost like a piece of jewelry, in which size, shape and material are combined in order to achieve functionality in each element of the bathroom.

And it is this set of distinctive characteristics that makes the difference in this collection, leading to the recognition of the most notable professionals in the sector. A recent example of such recognition is that Bowl & Fluent has just been nominated by the German Design Council in the “Bath & Wellness” category.

So, awaiting the result of the German body, we can celebrate the new and important award for Bowl, which joins the recently obtained “DesignPlus” award and becomes our collection of reference within the bathroom furniture section.

The year of 2015 may be a turning point in the future of our business thanks to a few, important awards that we have received. For example the Iconic Award is the third major international award that Inbani has received in only a few months, awarded by Reddot and won by Fluent at the beginning of the year.

All of this good news makes us proud and for that reason we want to give thanks. Thank you to Arik for representing our brand, thank you to our distributors for supporting our collections every day and thank you to the professionals that choose us to enhance their projects. We will continue working hard for everyone who has supported us.

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