We are celebrating! Il Salone del Mobile welcomes us for its 60th edition to show you all our news. This year we want to join in a long list of designers to create designs that meet the concrete needs of society and its markets, which are continuously evolving and developing. A society that enjoys futuristic ideas and projections embedded with an element of emotion to truly grasp the experience and meaning of life.

The dates for this long-awaited event are from 7th to 12th June. We wanted to rise to the occasion with a wonderful 60 square metres stand designed by Francesc Rifé, located at Pavilion 24, Aisle E, Stand 10 of the fair. Here we will be presenting our latest novelties:


Heritage Collection

Designed by Patrick Norguet, at this edition of Il Salone del Mobile, you will be able to see a preview of the Heritage collection that Inbani has developed together with the prestigious designer Patrick Norguet. It is a collection made up of objects with an intrinsic elegance and sensuality that give them their own personality. The pieces are inspired by the ancient Greek architectural orders and the columns characteristic of this movement. Thanks to the application of the principle of grooving typical of these currents, bold and monolithic objects are achieved which give the object a connotation of rhythm and vibration through their vertical grooves.

Preview new heritage collection by patrick norguet

Grate extension

One of our most emblematic collections designed by Norm Architects. In this edition of Il Salone del Mobile, we will have the pleasure to introduce you to an extension of the Grate collection based on the presentation of a freestanding washbasin and a Grate unit to the floor which, unlike those units already present in the collection, is presented with rounded sides in a semicircle shapes.

Preview Grate extension by norm architects

Preview Grate extension by norm architects

Strato news

This year we have gone for a new material based on a new porcelain tile technology that combines great technical performance with designs and textures that are the latest in the world of architecture, furniture and interior design.

Ambience from strato h furniture units in MDi Eros

Arc160 Bathtub

Arc160 is based on a concept of beauty characterised by the purity of the lines. Its perfect geometry, together with the refined symmetry of the bathtub, accentuates the simple character prevalent in the neoclassical movement. Architectural forms prevail over the decorative and ornamental elements being harmoniously integrated into the space.

Arc160 wall mounted bathtub in UHS Colour Arena Grey 195

Norm Tables

Norm tables are made up of versatile, elegant and functional pieces which fit into the interior of a bathroom space, as well as in other areas of the home. These design objects provide a comfortable supporting surface to place personal care objects and to carry out personalised wellness rituals. They are pieces made up of perfectly fitted shapes with the intention of reducing the components to the essential. Superfluous elements are dropped, and its virtues are limited to functionality, elegance and simplicity.

imagen accesorio norm tables con estructura en color negro y bandejas de madera

Lined Court & Tatami Rugs

New rugs collection designed by por All The Way To Paris. Rugs designs offer contemporary solutions which can suit to modern spaces. Geometric designs are characterised by a visual game involving vertical and horizontal  lines that intersect to give a sense of dynamism. The contrast between the chromatic range of the colours makes the rugs acquire different depths, making them a significant element in any space.

coral rug ambience

Deco mirrors

New mirror collection designed by Norm Architects. With the process of exploration of colours being applied to the tinted glass, this collection enhances the design concept creating a more playful and artistic pieces. The range of Deco mirrors consists of different modulations with LED lighting and offers a variety of options to choose from, with a combination of mirror glass in colourless, Gray or Bronze.

deco mirror on strato mdi ambience

That’s all we can tell you fow now, but if you really want to see what’s new, come and visit us at Pavilion 24, AisleE, Stand 10. If you want to minimise waiting times, we recommend our guests to make an appointment by leaving a message on the form below:

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