Fluent, awarded with the prestigious design award RedDot

A prize that awards three different categories: Product design, Communication design and design concept. And this year our company has been awarded with the first of them.

Moreover, its international importance is supported by all the media and specific events carried out throughout the whole year, where all these awarded products are shown to the entire world. The official website; the Red Dot tour in many cities (Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, Moscú, Zürich, Berlín…); the awards ceremony that will take place the 29th June, and where the best technology and design companies of the world will attend. Awarded products will be also on display during this ceremony.

Product Design Category

This is the most ancient category of the three of them, and it was known as “Design Innovation” since year 2000.

The competition is open to a variety of professional fields such as home accessories, furniture and cars.

Thus, since 1995, an international jury analyses and evaluates the applicant products by testing them in terms of innovation, usefulness and quality. So this demanding test has been the reason why this is such a prestigious award, as it rewards exceptional products and designs.

This is therefore all about a high level competition, in which thousands of projects from all over the world are submitted.

Eventually, awarded products are exhibited in the RedDot museum in Zollverein, Essen.

Some of the winner companies has been: Apple, BMW, LG, Adidas, Philips, Mercedes-Benz, Bose Corporation, Siemens, Sony, Nokia

Red DotAwards 2015

This year we are very proud of having obtained one of the prizes of the Design product category, with so important companies such as Apple and its Apple Watch, and Ferrari with its new FXX K model.

The new Ferrari FXX K is surprising because of its shapes and services but also for its design point of view. For this reason it has been awarded with a RedDot, seducing the German jury for its innovation and quality.

On the other hand, it is also worth to mention the new Apple Watch, whose design has been also awarded by the same jury by valuing its functionality, durability and even the emotional and symbolic content.

Fluent collection

Just like water would be, fluent collection was created by the well-known designer Arik Levy. This collection expresses the flow of one form into the other from circle to square, from large to thin as well as from vertical to horizontal.

The elegance of the forms and their quiet appearance in space give this collection a unique quality and the possibility being adapted to all type of styles.

A very special design awarded with the RedDot this year.


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