The Pantone 18-1438 Marsala as the color of the year 2015

And it is, at this stage where we really focus our attention. It is undisputable the importance gained by the color in any decoration project, as it is possible to apply it in any element that takes part of it. Either through the objects, surfaces or textile complements, the color is able to directly affect the apparent proportions of the space and even affect people’s mood. So that it allows creating styles and climates.

From vitality, happiness and closeness sensation caused by warm colors, to the repose sensation, calm and distancing caused by cold colors. It is possible to create a great variety of combinations that every day tries to get away from what it was considered strict rules.

Nowadays, some specific details associated to a diversity of tones, can create very curious results, turning the decoration into something less monotonous.

In Inbani, being aware of this reality, we have a wide color chart in order to personalize all our products. This together with our customized production process allows our clients or professionals to choose any color they want to, keeping the same quality and finish standards.

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