Beyond the daily hustle and bustle is that sanctuary of peace and balance that is our bathroom. Discover the furniture that will help you take this space to the next level. Dare to dream and enjoy what you deserve.

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Edge Ambience 01

The simplicity of Edge
Composition of a Edge simple worktop in S3 Mist Wild Oak 508 wood with two Edge 45 countertop washbasins in Solidsurface and a two-door Edge countertop cabinet. Two Strato Round LED mirrors. Edge towel rail in matt black finish.

Edge Ambience 02

The simplicity of Edge
Edge freestanding bathtub in Solidsurface. Two Edge towel rails in Matt Black. Edge simple worktop in S3 wood Mist Wild Oak 508 .

Edge Ambience 03

Carrara & Noche
Composition of one Edge unit with two drawers in Matt lacquer Noche 192, with Edge 2cm simple top and Edge14 washbasin in Carrara Marble. Edge stool in Carrara Marble. Edge towel rail in Matt Black. Strato Round mirror with LED lighting.

Edge Ambience 04

Warm Edge
Composition of a simple worktop Edge L160 with an Auxiliar over worktop in wood S3 Grey Wild Oak 555 and washbasin Edge45 in UHS Tierra 267 finish. Strato mirror with LED lighting.

Edge Ambience 05

Cozy Edge
Composition of one Edge wall- mounted unit with one drawer L100 H45 in Matt Lacquer Light Gray 185 with Edge14 washbasin in UHS Light Gray 185. Edge wall-mounted towel rail in Matt Black. Strato Round mirror with LED lighting.
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