Inbani strengthens its internationalization process by displaying at ISH Frankfurt

An event whose motto is “Comfort meets Technology” that will gather about 2.400 stands, and that is why it becomes a must for professionals and companies that work within the accessories and bathroom fittings field.

Inbani has been participating in this fair since 2007 for many reasons and it will attend this year one more time. Frankfurt is therefore waiting for us in a few weeks as a proof of our commitment with the innovation, design and effectiveness of our collections.
In addition, another motive our company is attending to ISH is the intention to continue with the internationalization process, because despite our presence in more than 25 countries we always want to increase that number.

In our new stand designed by the studio of Francesc Rifé, visitors to ISH will be able to see the furniture, basins, bathtubs and fittings that make up our last proposal designed by Arik Levy: Bowl & Fluent. Two unique collections through which our Israeli designer settled in Paris, goes beyond borders of design and gets closer to a methodology typical of the art world. In this way, both collection elements achieve a sculptural characteristic and are made for the pleasure of the body, eye and mind.

We will be waiting for you at the stand 3.0 B84 where you can discover them yourself.

Design Plus 2015 for our Bowl Collection

A real satisfaction to who develop this brand and its products, as the design and the quality are the two main goals we daily work for and what we pursue collection by collection. Therefore those are the characteristics we want our brand to stand out for and they have been recognized again with this award given by the international trade-fair ISH of Frankfurt. The points the judges appreciate the most are quality design, global concept, the innovation as well as the technical and ecological aspects. And all this by selecting the 34 best products between the 178 submitted among 114 different companies from 15 countries.

A very high competitive level that gives much more value to this prize and it supposes a real recognition to all the effort we have put on it.

That being said, we are getting ready with an extra excitement for the ISH fair that will take place from 10th to 14th March. We will be participating with a stand to show our most esteemed collections: Bowl, Fluent, Strato & Ka.

ISH Frankfurt

Strato 2015

Strato collection is updated with new concepts at a formal level and includes new materials and finishes.

“The thin ice” adds glass to the finishes range as well as in the structural base. Matt glass provides with a different space impression and emphasizes the taste for elegance and minimalism.

Soft touch and high-quality thickness are some of its characteristics and both participate in order to create a relaxing and fresh atmosphere. “Invisible thickness”, the term that designates the result of steel shaped to its minimal expression. The new 2mm lacquered steel modules can be combined with glass fronts and backgrounds, wood or glossy lacquer; “wild oak tree” gives name to the new range of finishes in natural solid wood.

A wild and rural approach which stays true to the minimalistic linear shapes of the whole.

At the same time new designs for backlit mirrors for horizontal and vertical positions have been presented.


In order to combine the different novelties and satisfy all kind of need, new washbasins have been also added to our range:

– Nest. Over worktop or wall fixed washbasinin ceramilux;
– Fontain. Over worktop washbasin in Solidsurfsce
– Float. Top with integrated basin in Solidsurface.

Bowl & Fluent

The new Collections from Arik Levy had a very noticeable presence which added to the success obtained at the Salone de Milano from last year. The Bowl collection had a leading role thanks to the award received by the exhibition organization for design plus 2015, and it was displayed in the official exhibition for the awarded products.

“HP Doornebal and Ilja Wolters”, The winner of our first project contest

This contest was organized on the occasion of celebrating our 10th Anniversary and whose aim is to appreciate and reward either the trust our clients put in Inbani and their daily work.

Our Jury

In order to choose the winner, we have counted on the participation of a very special jury made up of three specialists in interior design and decoration.

Víctor Carrasco, awarded in 2008 with the prestigious international Principe Felipe Prize. Has cooperated with well-known international companies working as a creative director, product designer and communication manager and placing its brands with an amazing add value.

Currently, he is the Head Manager of Viccarbe, a furniture design company for home and contract.

Rosa García, Interior designer and the founder of Progetti Showroom: A company that introduces the latest trends and the best brands in bathroom.

Arik Levy, An artist, technician, photographer and designer… Levy is a multidisciplinary creator whose works are on display in the best museums and art galleries all over the world. Attested by his creations regarding industrial design through which he expresses his particular point of view of the world, he has become an international prestige. It is worthy to mention some works he has carried out with so important brands such as Vitra, L´Oréal, Cinna, Selko Epson, Vizona, Renault…

A great jury that has appreciated the best use of Inbani concept into a real project and whose verdict has picked “HP Doornebal and Ilja Wolters” as the winner.

Bemmel, a Project where Ka collection plays the leading role

In this private Project carried out in the South of The Netherlands, our Ka collection has been selected as the lead product together with a combination of tiles from Mutina. A smart and minimalist combination that creates a great contrast due to the roughness and the natural aspect of the stone in some surfaces. As a result, it becomes an environment full of hints and with a powerful visual strength.

Congratulations “HP Doornebal and Ilja Wolters” for your great job and for having won 1500 €!

Thanks to all the participants for having sent so many great projects. We will be waiting for you all in the next call.

Fluent, awarded with the prestigious design award RedDot

A prize that awards three different categories: Product design, Communication design and design concept. And this year our company has been awarded with the first of them.

Moreover, its international importance is supported by all the media and specific events carried out throughout the whole year, where all these awarded products are shown to the entire world. The official website; the Red Dot tour in many cities (Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, Moscú, Zürich, Berlín…); the awards ceremony that will take place the 29th June, and where the best technology and design companies of the world will attend. Awarded products will be also on display during this ceremony.

Product Design Category

This is the most ancient category of the three of them, and it was known as “Design Innovation” since year 2000.

The competition is open to a variety of professional fields such as home accessories, furniture and cars.

Thus, since 1995, an international jury analyses and evaluates the applicant products by testing them in terms of innovation, usefulness and quality. So this demanding test has been the reason why this is such a prestigious award, as it rewards exceptional products and designs.

This is therefore all about a high level competition, in which thousands of projects from all over the world are submitted.

Eventually, awarded products are exhibited in the RedDot museum in Zollverein, Essen.

Some of the winner companies has been: Apple, BMW, LG, Adidas, Philips, Mercedes-Benz, Bose Corporation, Siemens, Sony, Nokia

Red DotAwards 2015

This year we are very proud of having obtained one of the prizes of the Design product category, with so important companies such as Apple and its Apple Watch, and Ferrari with its new FXX K model.

The new Ferrari FXX K is surprising because of its shapes and services but also for its design point of view. For this reason it has been awarded with a RedDot, seducing the German jury for its innovation and quality.

On the other hand, it is also worth to mention the new Apple Watch, whose design has been also awarded by the same jury by valuing its functionality, durability and even the emotional and symbolic content.

Fluent collection

Just like water would be, fluent collection was created by the well-known designer Arik Levy. This collection expresses the flow of one form into the other from circle to square, from large to thin as well as from vertical to horizontal.

The elegance of the forms and their quiet appearance in space give this collection a unique quality and the possibility being adapted to all type of styles.

A very special design awarded with the RedDot this year.


New Color Range Inbani 2015

Easy to combine and completely smart they turn out to be perfect for home decoration by creating special and suggestive environments 

A color range that it is now included in our collections and depicts a time of the year when we all are in a different but more positive mood.

Thus, the tones Lemon, Apricot, Salmon, Rose, Pink, Violet, Ocean, Cristal or Mint provide our collections Strato, Ka, Tambo, Structure, Bowl and Fluent with a new personality. These colors will be available for the materials below from 1st June 2015:

– Colored matt and glossy Glass (Strato).

– Matt and glossy lacquer (Strato, Ka, Tambo, Structure, Bowl, Fluent).

– Natural Oak lacquered wood (Strato, Ka).

This color addition allows a great customization on the collections, but it is just an advance of a large color range that will be introduced this year.

We will add 22 new tones apart from our current 48, so we will finally come up to 70 colors in our collections by the end of 2015.

The online pallet is already available to download and the hard copy will come soon together with the new general catalogue edition 2015.

A new award for Bowl makes 2015 a great year.

Bowl has once again received recognition for its innovative design from the Iconic Awards. Some of the awards are held in high esteem by architects and designers all over the world due to the fact that it is the first contest to unite the disciplines of these professionals in order to encourage the development of both fields. In the words of the German Design Council´s executive director, “This award seeks to recognize architects and designers whose work creates a more beautiful world for us and helps to improve people´s quality of life.”

The “Iconic Awards 2015 – Best of the Best” award in the Sanitation category is for our Bowl collection designed by Arik Levy. A very special collection, designed almost like a piece of jewelry, in which size, shape and material are combined in order to achieve functionality in each element of the bathroom.

And it is this set of distinctive characteristics that makes the difference in this collection, leading to the recognition of the most notable professionals in the sector. A recent example of such recognition is that Bowl & Fluent has just been nominated by the German Design Council in the “Bath & Wellness” category.

So, awaiting the result of the German body, we can celebrate the new and important award for Bowl, which joins the recently obtained “DesignPlus” award and becomes our collection of reference within the bathroom furniture section.

The year of 2015 may be a turning point in the future of our business thanks to a few, important awards that we have received. For example the Iconic Award is the third major international award that Inbani has received in only a few months, awarded by Reddot and won by Fluent at the beginning of the year.

All of this good news makes us proud and for that reason we want to give thanks. Thank you to Arik for representing our brand, thank you to our distributors for supporting our collections every day and thank you to the professionals that choose us to enhance their projects. We will continue working hard for everyone who has supported us.

Inbani’s Second Project Contest

The second announcement is that we are staying a step ahead, by increasing the prize that

will be awarded to the winner. First place will be awarded 2,500€ and the projects that come in second and third place will each have honourable mentions.

Selection of the winning projects will be made by a panel made up of notable professionals within the interior design and architecture sectors.

Therefore if you are an interior designer, architect or decorator and you have carried out a Project that includes our products, you can enter the photos on our website, until the 15th of February 2016. In addition, like the previous year´s contest, each participant can send a maximum of three projects that will be evaluated as specified in our rules.

Finally in April of 2016, we will let the winner know and we will show their work by publishing the photos on our website and social media. Also, the first prize can be picked up by the winner at the location of the distributor in which they purchased their Inbani products.

We look forward to receiving your work.

Thank you for your trust in Inbani and good luck!

Do you want to save time in the development of your projects?

In the “downloads” section, you could get the new catalogue of product, the special Bowl & Fluent one and 2D & 3D independent files of the major part of the collections. However, from today you can rely on all documents of the whole range, ready for you to download and this will give you great help to speed up the development of your Inbani projects:

Finishes: Special brochure where you will be able to discover how to personalize our collections based on your projects. This way you will see all the colors available for the following finishes: glossy lacquer, matt lacquer, glossy glass, matt glass and lacquered natural oak wood.

Photography: section where you can download pictures from every collection, with the resolution that you need.

2D: section where you have access to .dwg plans of all of our collections, giving you the possibility to download them and use them straight away to plan your projects.

3D: Area where you can rely on 3D files useful to finalize the presentation of your projects in computer graphics.

Moreover, you also have access to all these functions from the section “products”. A section in which you can also find technical sheet with detailed information of each Inbani product and collection.

Visit, sign up if you still have not done yet and start developing your next Project with us.

Inbani discloses more novelties at the ISH fair in Frankfurt

Yet another year our brand and product novelties will be exhibited at the ISH Frankfurt am Main fair: the world’s largest showcase for innovation in bathroom design, construction, climate control technology and renewable energy.

An exhibition that will take place from the 14th to 18th of March. We will have a large stand of 125 m2 in which we will be disclosing our latest product news: the collection of Prime washbasins and bathtubs, designed by the prestigious designers Norm Architects; The newly awarded Origin collection; As well as new possibilities and solutions of the Strato collection.

It will also be a perfect showcase to show the Labo family of washbasins and accessory proposals that give the final touch to our designs, such as Bivio and Tray, designed by Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri.

At the same time, Origin, our collection designed by Seung-Yong Song that has been recognized by the Design Plus award, will have a prominent presence in the special exhibition of the fair, and will be exposed along with the rest of winning products, receiving a certificate at the inaugural awards ceremony. A very important award for us that recognises the effort we make to excel in our new collections.

Our presence at the fair goes further, since many are the news and events that await us at this important show, we invite you to visit us at our stand: Hall 3.1 Stand A06.


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