Grazie a tutti. Salone Mobile. Milano 2022.

Grazie a tutti.

Non potremmo essere più felici della risposta che ci avete dato. A nome di tutto il team di Inbani, desideriamo ringraziarvi per tutte le visite ricevute durante il Salone del Mobile. Milano 2022. È stato un piacere poter condividere con voi tutte le nostre novità e rendervi partecipi della nostra essenza.

Se non avete potuto partecipare al Salone del Mobile Milano 2022, vogliamo farvi sentire parte delle esperienze che abbiamo vissuto lì. Di seguito, troverete un piccolo riassunto per scoprire com’era il nostro stand e le novità che abbiamo presentato durante questo grande evento.

· Heritage

In linea con l’essenza del nostro marchio «design every day», abbiamo approfittato della nostra presenza a Milano per presentare la nostra nuova collezione «Heritage».

Con lo spirito del suo designer: Patrick Norguet, lo spazio dedicato a questa collezione è stato un grande successo. Le caratteristiche scanalature verticali presenti nella vasca e nei lavabi della collezione, riescono a trasmettere un’essenza elegante e piena di sensualità che si combina perfettamente con i mobili a parete con cassetti in vetro. Questa combinazione genera la sensazione di uno spazio classicista che, tuttavia, è anche in grado di riflettere un’estetica contemporanea.

Salone del mobile heritage collection ambience

Salone del mobile freestanding heritage washbasin

Freestanding green bathtub from heritage collection

· Grate & Arc

L’altro set di grande impatto è stato l’ampliamento della collezione Grate, progettato da Norm Architects. Un lavabo freestanding con la sua struttura completamente scanalata e un mobile free-standing con i suoi lati arrotondati hanno attirato l’attenzione. Entrambi i pezzi hanno un’intrinseca eleganza architettonica che li rende elementi di differenziazione di qualsiasi spazio bagno.

Salone del mobile grate collection ambience

Grate freestanding wood and marble washbasin

Grate freestanding wood and marble washbasin

Grate wood furniture round unit to the floor

Grate wood furniture round unit to the floor

· Voi

Vorremmo fare una menzione speciale anche a voi. Ci avete regalato momenti magici durante questi 6 giorni. Grazie a tutti i designer, gli interior designer, gli architetti e i professionisti che ci hanno supportato e che hanno reso questo Salone del Mobile indimenticabile per noi. Speriamo che i nostri nuovi prodotti siano stati all’altezza delle vostre aspettative e vogliamo anche lanciarvi un messaggio per il prossimo futuro: ce ne sono molti altri in arrivo.

Ci vediamo l’anno prossimo.

Firmato. Il team di Inbani

Salone del Mobile Milano 2022 Inbani stand




We are celebrating! Il Salone del Mobile welcomes us for its 60th edition to show you all our news. This year we want to join in a long list of designers to create designs that meet the concrete needs of society and its markets, which are continuously evolving and developing. A society that enjoys futuristic ideas and projections embedded with an element of emotion to truly grasp the experience and meaning of life.

The dates for this long-awaited event are from 7th to 12th June. We wanted to rise to the occasion with a wonderful 60 square metres stand designed by Francesc Rifé, located at Pavilion 24, Aisle E, Stand 10 of the fair. Here we will be presenting our latest novelties:


Heritage Collection

Designed by Patrick Norguet, at this edition of Il Salone del Mobile, you will be able to see a preview of the Heritage collection that Inbani has developed together with the prestigious designer Patrick Norguet. It is a collection made up of objects with an intrinsic elegance and sensuality that give them their own personality. The pieces are inspired by the ancient Greek architectural orders and the columns characteristic of this movement. Thanks to the application of the principle of grooving typical of these currents, bold and monolithic objects are achieved which give the object a connotation of rhythm and vibration through their vertical grooves.

Preview new heritage collection by patrick norguet

Grate extension

One of our most emblematic collections designed by Norm Architects. In this edition of Il Salone del Mobile, we will have the pleasure to introduce you to an extension of the Grate collection based on the presentation of a freestanding washbasin and a Grate unit to the floor which, unlike those units already present in the collection, is presented with rounded sides in a semicircle shapes.

Preview Grate extension by norm architects

Preview Grate extension by norm architects

Strato news

This year we have gone for a new material based on a new porcelain tile technology that combines great technical performance with designs and textures that are the latest in the world of architecture, furniture and interior design.

Ambience from strato h furniture units in MDi Eros

Arc160 Bathtub

Arc160 is based on a concept of beauty characterised by the purity of the lines. Its perfect geometry, together with the refined symmetry of the bathtub, accentuates the simple character prevalent in the neoclassical movement. Architectural forms prevail over the decorative and ornamental elements being harmoniously integrated into the space.

Arc160 wall mounted bathtub in UHS Colour Arena Grey 195

Norm Tables

Norm tables are made up of versatile, elegant and functional pieces which fit into the interior of a bathroom space, as well as in other areas of the home. These design objects provide a comfortable supporting surface to place personal care objects and to carry out personalised wellness rituals. They are pieces made up of perfectly fitted shapes with the intention of reducing the components to the essential. Superfluous elements are dropped, and its virtues are limited to functionality, elegance and simplicity.

imagen accesorio norm tables con estructura en color negro y bandejas de madera

Lined Court & Tatami Rugs

New rugs collection designed by por All The Way To Paris. Rugs designs offer contemporary solutions which can suit to modern spaces. Geometric designs are characterised by a visual game involving vertical and horizontal  lines that intersect to give a sense of dynamism. The contrast between the chromatic range of the colours makes the rugs acquire different depths, making them a significant element in any space.

coral rug ambience

Deco mirrors

New mirror collection designed by Norm Architects. With the process of exploration of colours being applied to the tinted glass, this collection enhances the design concept creating a more playful and artistic pieces. The range of Deco mirrors consists of different modulations with LED lighting and offers a variety of options to choose from, with a combination of mirror glass in colourless, Gray or Bronze.

deco mirror on strato mdi ambience

That’s all we can tell you fow now, but if you really want to see what’s new, come and visit us at Pavilion 24, AisleE, Stand 10. If you want to minimise waiting times, we recommend our guests to make an appointment by leaving a message on the form below:

Make an Appointment

ISH 2019

The big day of the start of the ISH 2019 is approaching fast! Come see the biggest fair in the world that sets trends in bathroom design.
In Frankfurt we will present all the Inbani novelties, from the updates in the Strato collection to the our new collections such as Facett. That is why we encourage you to come see us next week so we can introduce you to all of them! From March 11 to March 15, you can find us in Hall 3.1 Stand D 91. We will be happy to assist you and meet you.



With the arrival of the new year, perhaps you have proposed redecorating some part of the house? That no longer identifies with us because, like the year, we have changed and now, that January has passed, it is time for change. Are you one of those who need to change and do not know where to start?
Numerous studies confirm that there has been a change in the way of bathroom decorating. The bathroom has evolved from a room dedicated to hygiene in the past, to a space where we can relax and to forget all of life’s stresses and worries. Bathrooms have now become one of the most important rooms in the house, it is now a more private space to relax and forget all of life’s troubles
How does this relate to 2018 you may ask? we shall explain this with images so that you can feel and be inspired.

Wood as a featured material.

Origin - Wood as a bath trend in 20018

The Origin collection of Inbani fits perfectly in this trend wherewood is the predominant material as the counterpoint to design.

This raw material has been a revolution in many of our bathroom proposals and designs for this year and is just the beginning. From sinks, furniture, floors and walls it gives it that little bit of contrast in our normal bathroom environment. And if you are not convinced by it, you can always choose alternative materials that replicate its effect, such as stoneware or tiles.
The effect is supposed to provide and maintain an atmosphere of relaxation that we have mentioned before, these natural ways will be a key trend for 2018. In addition, this type of composition seamlessly combines with more modern materials such as Ceramilux® and more classic materials such as ceramics and textiles.

Modern bath accessories- Inbani

Los Strato in a wood finish together with Corian® tops are the perfect combination for any space. And with the addition of some of our marble and ceramic accessories, your bathroom will become your favourite place to become too.

Contrast and Functionality.

As we have already stated previously, how we design a bathroom is minimalist or industrial in style. Why? In order to achieve that state of relaxation when entering a room, what we aim for is a room with a functional purpose, with clean and orderly spaces in sight. How can we achieve this? We do this by getting rid of excess accessories so that our mind relaxes when entering a room and having enough storage, so as to not have or leave anything in sight that appears to be disorganised, dysfunctional, untidy…. That sense of a “clean vision” and promoting the contrasts between materials that we have mentioned in the previous section to soften these styles.

Strato-Organized bathrooms

The furniture we make at Inbani is designed to cover the entire need for storage and order that as we believe is required in a bathroom setting when looking for a minimalist style.

And in this style do we only see black and white?

Nothing is far from reality, the best colour for a bathroom is the one you feel at most harmony with because 2018 it is about enjoying your bath and the bathtub experience, in order to relax in it, and forget the stress of the day.
But if you still want those things that are in trend this year, we suggest calm light and soft colours that you can easily combine with white, all of which are set to be the shining stars of 2018. For example, emerald green or lighter shading saturated with a blue colour will make your bathroom look modern and current.

Labo - Color Trends for bathroom 20018

Labo is one of our collections with which we have had the most fun with in terms of colour, obtaining interesting results like this one.

If, on the other hand, you do not want a colour because you feel it may date quicker. We advise you to choose a neutral colour such as white to brighten the room and combine it with dark floors or darker walls. Imagine colouring a wall grey, with a dark floor combined with a wood effect, a sink in white and for greater luminosity, LEDS placed in the mirrors. Would you have something like that, would you really and truly like it?

Labo_minimalism - Bath Trends 2018

Labo is so versatile that we can combine it with other finishes to your own taste so your bathroom is completely to your liking.

In short, the minimalist environments are designed, even to the industrial style where the functionality of the furniture that you incorporate in white or with little saturated colours prevails. It is also important that take into account the contrast between materials such as wood, Solidsurface or metal tapsand other furniture elements as seen in theBowl collection.
If you follow these tips we assure you that you will have a personalized and clean space where you will feel at peace to be able to disconnect from the outside world.

Do you need inspiration? Visit our projects section and you will be able get ideas of the ones you like the most.


We are proud to announce that our Prime bathtub has won the second edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards international design competition in the Bathroom category.



This edition has seen numerous competitors enter, with more than 600 products and more than 300 brands from 15 different countries. The judging panel has been composed of 40 of the best and most renowned architects, photographers and designers worldwide, who have examined and analysed in detail each of the products that have been entered. Each member of the panel has participated independently, citing their particular vision that they have found from research, solutions, concepts, as well as the synergy between designer and brand that is reflected in each product.



Among the competiton, our Prime free standing bathtub has been awarded best bathroom in its category. Designed by the Danish Norm Architects, it stands out for its design of pure lines that reflects the Scandinavian style of its designers, taking us back to the past and giving us nostalgic visions of traditional metal basins and bathtubs with a rounded edge that provides stability to the piece. These natural, soft and poetic shapes maintain the essence of the bathtub, which in turn for the prime bathtub presents a more modernised look thanks to the use of the most up-to-date and sophisticated materials.




Take a bath is a compilation book which is dedicated exclusively to bathroom spaces, which shows the most innovative designs and spaces that inspire this sector. In this book you can also find new materials, textures, combinations and reflections of some of the best designers in this sector.



Between its pages we can find inspiration and become great in all aspects of interior design for bathrooms, along with different styles and trends of the best bathroom firms.



With soft and poetic forms, the Prime Collection, designed by Norm Architects, is presented and inspired by traditional metal bathtubs and basins with shaped edges, offering a smooth and refined finish. There is space for a free-standing Prime bath and a circular top basin for the countertop, with a combination of individually suspended modules from the Strato collection in matt lacquer Magma 248M. Tray accessories complete this warm and nostalgic space.



In the following pages there is also the Bowl collection designed by Arik Levy, which shows different spaces and compositions of this collection. On the one hand we have a space composed of a free-standing sink, vertical furniture units to the floor with shelves and metal rods in copper, with a wall mirror encased in a tubular metal frame also in copper, as seen with the free-standing mirror with towel rail and shelf .



On the other hand we have an individual module suspended with a matt glass top and finishes in Rose 204M, which is accompanied by a circular mirror with 200M White Aluminum frame and a free-standing towel rail in Rose 204M.



HP Doornebal share with us what means Inbani for him


With much intention and subtlety, HP Doornebal has redesigned this fantastic house which has been designed by architect, Jan Rietveld, son of the famous designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld, who maintains the original spirit of the “De Stijl” movement, with geometric and elemental shapes, creating open and functional spaces.

The new design contrasts with the original house in terms of materials but also presents similarities in its shape with brick walls and large window openings. The house has returned to show its original colors of its design returning to the typical black and white architecture “De Stijl”.




The KA Collection is being presented in the extension of a villa in Holland, designed by Rietveld. This collection is perfectly adapted to the large open spaces and offers the right balance in terms of volume and distribution. This balance has been achieved thanks to the selection of three floor standing modules of one drawer. Additionally a module has been placed beneath with a drawer which has metal handles in chrome and overall there are two KA sinks integrated in Solidsurface. Suspended double-sided mirrors uphold the versatility of an open space for the enjoyment of this fantastic villa.



_Inbani: Hello HP, Tell us about your studio. Could you inform us about the type of projects you mainly do?

HP: Hello, after working 10 years for an interior design office, where we also designed a complete furniture line, I started my own studio and I started to design bathrooms for Waterproof Bathrooms.
Most of my projects are residential; I love to rebuild, extend and reshape spaces.

_ Inbani: How do you work? What is your methodology for a new project?

HP: In all my projects the given space and surrounding tells me what I can and cannot do. Besides a great interest in art, design, fashion and of course architecture, I also travel a lot, to get inspired.
But my best inspiration and motivation is my client: to work together with them and the combination of our ideas, makes me almost reinvent myself with every new project



_ Inbani: Please tell us one colour, one material and why?

HP: It is always the combination of colors and materials. In general I do prefer natural colors and materials:
Warm earthy colors and natural wood and stone as a basis. More expressive and vivid colors I prefer to see in art and accessories.

_ Inbani: What was the biggest issue you had on this project? (Villa in Bergen)

HP: The biggest challenge for this extension, was to fit in all elements my client desired: bedroom, bathroom, sauna, dressing area, a work area and lots of cupboard space.
Because of all the windows and the square space, I created one big element with storage space in the centre, which separates all the other areas.



_ Inbani: What is your favourite space in the villa and why?

HP: What I like best here, is that you can walk around from one space into the other: the openness and most likely, the nice views everywhere.

_ Inbani: What does Inbani’s product transmit to you?

HP: The diversity and many options in the collections of Inbani, like the squareness of the Strato series and the softness of the Origin series, gives me all the possibilities to help me create a nice design and reshape spaces.

_ Inbani: Thank you HP, it is a pleasure for us have the opportunity to share your experience with our readers.

HP: You are welcome!



Celebramos nuestro 10º Aniversario premiando las buenas ideas

Una apuesta por el diseño con mayúsculas y que brilla con luz propia en los trabajos desarrollados por los interioristas, arquitectos y decoradores que han apostado por nuestra marca durante todos estos años. Y es esta confianza la que queremos agradecer, en este momento tan especial para nosotros, convocando un concurso con el que premiar los mejores proyectos profesionales en los que se hayan utilizado nuestros productos.

De este modo, todos aquellos interioristas, arquitectos y decoradores que lo deseen pueden presentar las imágenes de sus propuestas a través de nuestra web, hasta el 31 de enero de 2015. Cada uno de los participantes puede participar con un máximo de tres proyectos que serán valorados, indistinta y conjuntamente, en una única categoría, como especifican nuestras bases.

Una vez finalizado el plazo de entrega, un jurado formado por representantes del sector del interiorismo y la decoración elegirá tres proyectos. El mejor de ellos será premiado con 1.500 € y los otros dos recibirán sendas Menciones de Honor.

En marzo de 2015, daremos a conocer el nombre de los galardonados y sus trabajos, personalmente y mediante la publicación de las fotografías en la web y redes sociales. Además, el primer premio será recogido por el ganador en las instalaciones del distribuidor donde haya adquirido los productos Inbani.

Si eres profesional, esperamos recibir tus trabajos y, por supuesto, tu confianza durante 10 años más.


The Pantone 18-1438 Marsala as the color of the year 2015

And it is, at this stage where we really focus our attention. It is undisputable the importance gained by the color in any decoration project, as it is possible to apply it in any element that takes part of it. Either through the objects, surfaces or textile complements, the color is able to directly affect the apparent proportions of the space and even affect people’s mood. So that it allows creating styles and climates.

From vitality, happiness and closeness sensation caused by warm colors, to the repose sensation, calm and distancing caused by cold colors. It is possible to create a great variety of combinations that every day tries to get away from what it was considered strict rules.

Nowadays, some specific details associated to a diversity of tones, can create very curious results, turning the decoration into something less monotonous.

In Inbani, being aware of this reality, we have a wide color chart in order to personalize all our products. This together with our customized production process allows our clients or professionals to choose any color they want to, keeping the same quality and finish standards.

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